Before Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC (BEA) can send a draft license agreement for RELAP5-3D, it must ensure that sending the code will not violate U.S. export control regulations. BEA must clear your organization, yourself and any other potential user of this code within your organization from an export control perspective. Please visit the INL Modeling and Simulation Software page to request a license to RELAP5-3D or to request access for a new user in your organization.

Various levels of participation are listed below. Please confirm the IRUG membership level you are requesting. A request for source code requires that you provide justification why executable code will not meet your immediate needs.

Once the export control review is complete, BEA will send you a draft license agreement.

For licensing information, please contact:

Kala Majeti
Sr. Commercialization Manager
Idaho National Laboratory
P.O. Box 1625
Idaho Falls, ID 83415-3805 
Phone (208) 526-4503 

There are four different levels of membership available in IRUG. Each has a different level of benefits, services, and membership fee as described below. All licensees receive an updated version of the code when a new version is released.

The following fee schedule is effective for all license renewals starting June 1, 2018.


A full member organization is the highest level of participation possible in the IRUG. Members receive the RELAP5–3D code in source form. Multiple copy use is allowed. Two levels of membership are available: Regular and Super User. Regular Member organizations may receive up to 40 hours of staff assistance in areas such as model noding, code usage recommendations, debugging, and interpretations of results from INL RELAP5 technical experts. Super Users may receive up to 100 hours of staff assistance.

Annual License Fee (Regular User): $30,000 (domestic), $58,000 (foreign)
Annual License Fee (Super User): $67,000 (domestic), $83,000 (foreign)

Multi–Use Participants
Multi–use participants are organizations that require use of the code but do not need or desire all the benefits of a full member. Participants receive the RELAP5–3D code in object form. Multiple copy use is allowed.  

Annual License Fee: $10,000 (domestic), $18,000 (foreign)

Single–Use Participants
Single–use participants are restricted to use RELAP5–3D on a single computer, one user at a time and receive the RELAP5–3D code in object form. 

Annual License Fee: $7,000 (domestic), $13,000 (foreign)

University Participants
University Participants can acquire a no fee license to RELAP5–3D with the restriction that the code only be used for educational purposes at the university. They receive the code in object form but do not receive any staff assistance.


  1. Free university participation is still available for educational purposes

  2. Universities are limited to executable code only