RELAP5-3D Training

The RELAP5-3D code is not one that can be picked up and used "off the shelf" with minimal assistance. It is a tool used in the analysis of the thermal-hydraulic and neutronic behavior of fluid systems. Interactions with and mentoring by experienced code users are needed to develop a working knowledge of the code and its proper application. Therefore we strongly recommend that new users of the code participate in some type of training class.

Training Opportunities

Training can be obtained from INL personnel though participation in an on-site training course. These courses can be targeted to new or experienced users, and to general or specific applications. On-site training courses are normally conducted at the facilities of the sponsoring organization, and may include students from other organizations. The cost would depend on the length of the course and the specific training topics to be covered.

If there is sufficient interest, INL can arrange for training courses to be held in Idaho Falls. This would be an option for an organization that did not have enough staff attending the training to make having an on-site workshop cost-effective. Interest in such training should be communicated to the RELAP5 Program Manager.

The objective of the introductory course in the use of the RELAP5-3D code is to provide new users with the capability to start developing an input model for their facility. This training has been offered as a one-week class. In this course, the basic physical models in the code are described. Development of facility input models is described, and exercises teach the code input needed for the various RELAP5 components.

Courses for intermediate and advanced users have also been conducted, which address topics beyond those typically encountered by new code users. Training materials are selected based on the needs of the customer. Consultation is also provided by the instructors on specific modeling or analysis questions and issues encountered by the users in their code applications.

An abbreviated three-day training workshop is provided in association with the annual IRUG meeting; the training is conducted Monday through Wednesday, with the IRUG meeting on Thursday and Friday. These workshops generally alternate between introductory and advanced classes, with introductory training scheduled before the May 2018 IRUG meeting.

Training Videos

A set of RELAP5-3D training videos has been prepared. This set of DVDs includes numerous presentations on the specific models in the code and on the application of the code to the analysis of thermal-hydraulic systems. While developed for the RELAP5-3D code, most of the training materials are also applicable to earlier versions of the code, such as RELAP5/MOD3.2. Included with the videos is a Russian translation of the audio portion of the presentations. However, the slides are only available only in English. The DVD set is available from INL for members of the International RELAP5 Users Group.

The DVDs are expected to be reference material for code users. They were designed to be used in conjunction with an instructor-led training course. The presentations on the DVDs are grouped by subject and user lever, and are therefore not in the order that would be followed during a training course. In a classroom setting, lectures on the physical models in the code are followed by pertinent exercises in developing, modifying, and running RELAP5-3D input decks, then analyzing the results.