RELAP5-3D User Problem Reporting

The INL encourages users of RELAP5-3D to report user problems and issues to the RELAP5-3D Development Group. Please follow the link provided to the User Problem Reporting Form and follow the instructions provided on the form.

User Problem Report Form 

Also include here is a listing and categorization of current user problems and issues. User problems and issues posted are of September 2013. The categories are:

  • Resolved: Work has been completed on user problem and an update has been submitted, and update is in the latest developmental version

  • In-Work: Work on user problem is currently being carried out

  • On-Hold: Work has not begun on user problem, or work was begun on user problem but work is now stopped.

User Problem Files 

For more information you may contact: 
Nolan Anderson
(208) 526-9323
Idaho National Laboratory
PO Box 1625
Idaho Falls, ID 83415