Papers and Presentations from the Idaho Falls Meeting

The 2015 RELAP5 International Users Seminar August 13 – 14, 2015 Idaho Falls, ID.

Demonstration of BEUP Analysis of LB-LOCA with RELAP5-3D for High Burnup FuelZhaoINL
Development of a Quality Assured HTTF RELAP5-3D Input ModelBaylessINL
Developmnet of a RELAP5-3D Property Library for Use by Other Computer CodesDavisINL
Dual Number Differentiation in RELAP5-3DHodsonUtah State University
H2ON Property Table Errors UP-15020ForsmanINL
Impact of Pressure Relief Holes on Core Coolabilityfor a PWR During a Larege-Break LOCA With Core Blockage Using RELAP5-3DVaghettoTexas A & M
Improvements – Multi Deck and Strip FeaturesMesinaINL
Improvements in Sequential VerificationMesinaINL
IRUG 2015 Agenda
Jacobian Evaluation ProjectMesinaINL
Modeling Moving Systems With RELAP5-3D (Watch)BuschmanBettis
Modeling the SCO2 Power Cycle of a generic dual Coolant Fusion Reactor With RELAP5-3DBatetPolitecniacade University of Catalunya
Phisics-RELAP5-3D Coupled Suite for Industry ApplicationsAlfonsiINL
Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation of Coupling Approaches for Coupling RELAP5 and LabViewPackUniversity of Idaho
RELAP5 Applications at GRNSPG - NINE_ Thirty Years of ActivitiesLanfrediniNINE
RELAP5-3D Auxiliary Tools - 2015 UpdateForsmanINL
RELAP5-3D Gas-Cooled Reactor ActivitiesBaylessINL
RELAP5-3D Software Licensing UpdatesSmithINL
RELAP-7 Code Development Status Update for 2015ZhaoINL
SCREED - A Supporting Tool for V-V and Uncertainty Evaluations of Best Estimate System Codes for Licensing ApplicationsLanfrediniNINE
Six Field Governing Equations for RELAP5RothUniversity of Idaho
The BEPU Evaluation Model with RELAP5-3D for Licensing nthe Atucha II NPPLandfrediniNINE
Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis of an AHTL In-Pile Tube in the Southwest Loop of the ATRDavisINL
User Problems-Version FeaturesAndersonINL
Validation of a RELAP5-3D Point Kinetics Model of TreatDavisINL