2000 RELAP5 International Users Seminar Jackson Hole Meeting

The 2000 RELAP5 International Users Seminar was held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, September 12-14, 2000. Thirty four people attended from five countries. Twenty papers were presented. Click on a paper title to view the paper.

Papers and Presentations

Paper Title



1.   Effect of Nodalization on the Accuracy of the Finite Difference Solution of the Transient Conduction Equation

2.   A Coupled RELAP5-3D/CFD Methodology with a Proof of Principal Calculation

Aumiller, Dave


Verification of Calculation Technique Critical Heat Flux in RELAP5/MOD3.2 Code Applied to the MIR Research Reactor on Experimental Data Obtained for the Annulus at Average Water Pressures

Bounakov, Andrei

RIAR, Russia

RELAP5/MOD3.2 Post Test Simulation and Accuracy Quantification of LOBI Test A1-93

Borges, Ronoldo

NNEC, Brazil

Simulation of a Control Rod Ejection in a VVER-1000 Reactor with the Program RELAP5-3D

Carbajo, Juan


1.   Assessment of the ATHENA Code for Calculating the Void Fraction of a Lead-Bismuth/Steam Mixture in Vertical Upflow

2.   RELAP5 Analyses of Heated Vacuum Drying System Pressurization (Lead Author: Chang Oh)

Davis, Cliff


RELAP5-3D Model for the Kursk1 NPP

Fisher, Jim


Assessment of the RELAP5-3D Subcooled Boiling Models for Low Pressure Conditions

Hassan, Yassin


RELAP5-3D Development Status

Johnsen, Gary


Development of LOCA Licensing Calculation Capability with RELAP5-3D in Accordance with Appendix K of 10 CFR 50

Liang, Thomas K.S.

INER, Taiwan

Application of ATHENA/RELAP to Fusion Loss-of-cooling Accidents

Merrill, Brad


New Developments and Value of the RELAP5-3D Graphical User Interface (RGUI 1.2)

Mesina, George


RELAP5-3D User Problems

Riemke, Rich


Using RELAP5 to Design a Small Factory-Built Generation 3 Reactor

Roth, Glenn

Utah State

Modeling the Seattle Steam Co. Distribution System with RELAP5-3D

Schultz, Richard


1.   Improved Solution of Field Equations

2.   Flux Limited Upwind Difference Scheme in RELAP5-3D

Shieh, Arthur


New Assessment of RELAP5-3D Using a General Electric Level Swell Problem

Tomlinson, Ed


A Generic Semi-Implicit Coupling Methodology for Use in RELAP5-3D

Weaver, Walt


INEEL Activities in Support of INSP (International Nuclear Safety Program)

Wilson, Gary