Fifth International Information Exchange Forum Safety Analysis for NPPs of VVER and RBMK Types

Obninsk, Russian Federation
Oct 16-20, 2000

Papers and Presentations

Paper Title



Preliminary Analyses of the LOCA 200 mm for NPP Kozloduy Units 1-4

K. Avdjiev, et al


Overview of Recent RELAP5 Developments

P. Bayless


1. Additional RELAP5 Analysis of Thermal-Hydraulic Stability in Parallel Channels of the RBMK Primary Circuit Model

2. Analysis with RELAP5 Computer Code of Experiments for Investigation of Void Fraction Distribution in RBMK Fuel Channel Model

N. Brus and
O. Iousoupov


Development of Ignalina NPP RBMK-1500 Reactor RELAP5-3D Model

E. Bubelis, et al

Lithuania Energy Institute

RELAP5-3D Model for the Kursk 1 NPP

J. Fisher


Total Loss of Feedwater for VVER 1000

P. Groudev, M. Pavlova


Loss of Off-site Power Transient in WWER Reactors

A. Ivanova


Modeling of Primary-to-Secondary Leaks in VVER-440 NPPs Using RELAP5/MOD3.2



1. Analysis of ISP-33 Using RELAP5-3D

2. Analysis of Passive Feedwater Injection in the Case of WWER-440/V213 Plant Blackout

P. Matejovic, et al


RELAP5/MOD3.2 Analysis of Natural Circulation Test at Kozloduy NPP Unit 6

M. Pavlova, et al

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Computational Modeling Using RELAP5/MOD3.2 of Accident Conditions Simulated in an Experimental Facility

V. Schekoldkin, et al

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

RELAP5/MOD3.2 Analysis of KS Facility Experiments on RBMK-1500 Core Thermal Hydraulic Processes under Pressure Header Break Conditions Performed in Russian Research Center "Kurchatov Institute"

V. Vinogradov, B. Yu

Kurchatov Institute