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Sun Valley 2001 Meeting

2001 RELAP5 International Users Seminar Sun Valley Meeting

The 2001 RELAP5 International Users Seminar was held in Sun Valley, Idaho, September 5-7, 2001. Thirty two people attended from four countries. Nineteen papers were presented. Click on a paper title to view the paper.

Papers and Presentations

Paper Title



An Integrated RELAP5-3D and Multiphase CFD Code System Utilizing a Semi-Implicit Coupling Technique

D.L. Aumiller,
E.T. Tomlinson,
W.L. Weaver

Bechtel Bettis, Inc.,

INSP IRUG-related Activities in FY-2001

Paul D. Bayless,
James E. Fisher


The Development and Application of SCDAP-3D

E.W. Coryell,
L.J. Siefken,
E.A. Harvego


Pygmalion Users Manual

James E. Fisher


Performance and Safety Studies for Multi-Application, Small, Light Water Reactor (MASLWR)

J.E. Fisher, S.M. Modro, K.D. Weaver, J. Reyes, J. Groome, P. Babka


TMI-1 MSLB Coupled 3-D Neutronics/Thermalhydraulics Analysis: Application of RELAP5-3D and Comparison with Different Codes

R. Bovalini, F. D'Auria, G.M. Galassi, A. Spadoni, Y. Hassan

University of Pisa,
Texas A&M University

Utilization of a RELAP5 RCS and Secondary Plant Model in a Nuclear Power Plant Training Simulator

David W. Hiltbrand,
Ken A. Williams

TXU Electric,
Data Systems & Solutions

RELAP5-3D Development & Application Status

Gary W. Johnsen


SCDAP-3D Analyses

D.L. Knudson


Modification of RELAP5-3D in Accordance with Appendix K of 10 CFR.46

Thomas Liang,
Chin-Jang Chang,
Huan-Jen Hung

INER, Taiwan

TRAC-B/PC and RELAP5/MOD2.5-PC Comparisons to the Oh Critical Heat Flux Experiments

D. Scott Lucas


Input Data Preparation for the 3D Neutronic Model VVER-440/213 of System Code RELAP5-3D and Its Testing

Pavel Kral,
Jan Hadek,
Jiri Macek

NRI, Czech Republic

Quantifying Code Variability for LBLOCA with RELAP5-3D (work in progress)

Robert Martin

Framatome ANP Richland

Developments and New Directions for the RELAP5-3D Graphical User Interface

George Mesina


RELAP5-3D User Problems

Richard A. Riemke


Validation & Verification: Fluent/RELAP5-3D Coupled Code

Richard Schultz,
William Wieselquist


Transient Analysis Needs for Generation IV Reactor Concepts

L.J. Siefken, E.A. Harvego


An Executive Program For Use With RELAP5-3D

W.L. Weaver,
E.T. Tomlinson,
D.L. Aumiller

Bechtel Bettis, Inc.

Full-Scope Simulators Running Real-time RELAP5-R/T

Ken A. Williams

Data Systems & Solutions

Pictures from the conference: